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Use your talents and
personality characteristics in your job!

Are you interested in finding your talents in order to match and support your skills?

I offer you a personal scientific report and a development profile. It gives you the full information about your behavior and your character and your strength in business. Your profile report is a valuable attachment for your application documents.

The advantage is that:

  • the employer knows about your talents in combination with your professional experience
  • your application stands out from the mass of applications
  • you know exactly what you can do in your career, what you want and how you can best implement your goals.

You can receive these documents in the following languages: German, English, French and Italian!

Knowledge of your personal profile will improve your position amongst the competition and increase your possibilities for job development. This will improve your chance of reaching a deeper job satisfaction.

The profile report has a deep complexity so that it is possible for us to capture a person in their diversity as accurately as possible.

You will receive everything you need via e-mail. The scientific report and your development profile are produced via software handled by Leonardo 3.4.5. The software was developed by the University of Heig-VD in Switzerland.